Lets try to settle this once and for all what is THE worst Sonic game?

The darker narrative, the return of fan-favorite bosses, the swapping between 3D and 2D gameplay – all of this added up on sonic games on paper to spell one of the best Modern Sonic games to date. However, the underwhelming level design, a heavy-handed story, and poor controls amounted to a mediocre title in Modern Sonic’s up-and-down legacy. But when we consider major releases (i.e. those released on hardware made by SEGA, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony or for computers), it’s a no-contest, Sonic ’06 just has to be considered the worst. Ignoring the soundtrack, and the quality of animation in the pre-rendered cutscenes , just about everything is bad.

  • The rest have received all sorts of responses from fans and critics, but none have received the real power of the first two films.
  • It would be nice to have a list of reader’s favourite Sonic games without any limitations on what can be included.
  • However, Sonic fans will find a solid open-world game fully realized in Sonic Frontiers.

There is no way to know this was happening until it happens to you. It’s not so bad when it’s just a few missed coins or a power-up. I don’t agree with the choice, but I understand gatekeeping some elements for players who want to go back and try it again. What I cannot excuse is when this leads to damage or death to the character. Spike traps being placed in unavoidable spots or popping up from out of sight.

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However, almost all her moves affect an entire team and herself, therefore making her so crucial in getting characters up to speed and ready to dish out damage to opposing foes. In a similar manner, having characters like Shadow the Hedgehog or Shade the Echidna–both being attack characters–make the combat fly by so quickly with how hard-hitting each of their POW moves is. They make almost every other character a complete joke to use when you can be constantly destroying enemies left and right.

It will feature an original storyline from Sonic Boom writer Ian Flynn. Gamescom 2022 brought us nearly two minutes of Sonic goodness. You can check out the Story Trailer below, which features more action, more enemies, and what looks to be Amy trapped in some sort of mechanical contraption. The other trailer is largely dedicated to Sonic roaming an open world, although we do see a few interesting mechanics at play .

The game’s basically on autopilot the whole way through and it does so little with its ideas that it comes across as a disappointment even if, objectively, the gameplay’s mostly fine . Whether or not the Mario movie is any good, it’s not gonna make a difference to the success of the franchise at large. The Mario series is already well and truly entrenched. One silly animated movie bombing isn’t gonna stop it in its tracks — or, God forbid, ruin the franchise. When you see floating platforms and objects in a Mario game, you don’t question it.

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Sonic Colors introduced a whole new gameplay mechanic to the Sonic formula in the form of Wisps, which gave Sonic different powers that allowed him to complete levels in various ways. Because you unlock Wisps by progressing through the game, earlier levels have plenty of replay value as new routes and options become available, and with plenty of levels per world, Sonic Colours has a lot to offer. With some notable exceptions, Sonic R sees the franchise’s cast running around various tracks, collecting power-ups and even hunting down some Chaos Emeralds hidden amongst the game. As racing games go, there wasn’t much to Sonic R, leaving it to feel like more of a proof of concept than anything else, but considering the success that Sonic racing games have had since, the concept was pretty much on point.

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Some of them require backtracking as a few can only be found using special gear. Other than for users known to be under 13, this game may include “Interest Based Ads” and may collect “Precise Location Data”. Ant the overall game was just really, really plain fun. My favorite is Sonic Lost World, because I believe the controls, while not perfect, where the right direction for the serie.