This objective is organized according to study found in the literature ( Anderson, 2009 ; Rudman ainsi que al

This objective is organized according to study found in the literature ( Anderson, 2009 ; Rudman ainsi que al

That is a detailed correlational investigation you to aimed to analyze brand new attribution away from stereotypes throughout the males whom defend gender equality, as a consequence of just one open matter, and following that read the the current presence of stereotypical blogs pertaining to the three dimensions suggested by Fiske mais aussi al. (2002 ) and Cuadrado mais aussi al. (2016 ): sociability, skills, and you will morality. , 2012b ; Viana ainsi que al., 2018 ) and therefore demonstrate that men exactly who protect intercourse equivalence is considered a lot more feminine than those that do maybe not protect it, and are usually seen become more likely to getting gay just because they safeguard an ideal off equality ( Anderson, 2009 ; Rudman ainsi que al., 2012b ; Viana ainsi que al., 2018 ). From stereotypical content caused by which egalitarian guy it might feel you’ll be able to so you can reflect on brand new impression one to egalitarian location can also be has actually on hierarchical structure anywhere between men and women within the society. The assumption is that egalitarian child could well be viewed as a consequence of far more feminine stereotypic qualities.

Inside analysis the new discursive analysis was in fact canned as a result of textual investigation with computer programs you to definitely, considering Ca ), confirm relevant when you look at the studies from the viewpoint, opinions, values, and you may symbolic posts developed by confirmed phenomenon. For this function, IRAMUTEQ app, a totally free program to the Roentgen application environment, and also in the fresh python vocabulary, was applied ( Ca ).

The attempt are non-probabilistic, of the convenience ( ), composed of 250 university students engaging in the analysis, at which 51.1% had been men. Them had been learning in a general public college in the Brazilian Northeast.

Participants’ years varied from 16 so you can 51 many years (Yards = 21.5 and SD = cuatro.39). The new introduction standards was a) to willingly take on contribution in the research and you can b) becoming an excellent university student.

The newest questionnaire utilized is actually put into one or two sections. The initial contains only 1 discover question: “How does Brazilian area perceive people just who protect equivalence anywhere between men and you will female?” The following contained socio-group inquiries (intercourse, age, and study direction).

It can be vital that you describe this particular particular research will not manage individual circumstances, but instead which have the individuals units that were related regarding participants’ discourse total

These types of methodological method, known as the replacement method ( Abric, 2003 ; Guimelli & Deschmaps, 2000 ), consists of inquiring not really what one to believes, but exactly how “one to believes exactly what area believes”. This plan has no less than two consequences with respect to training into the stereotypes and you can discrimination. Basic, it reduces the subject’s number of connections to the responses, for this reason allowing them to end up being freer in order to make stereotypic content smaller designated by the personal desirability ( Costa-Lopes & Pereira, 2011 ). Second, because the recommended by Chokier and you may Moliner (2006 ) and you may Flament and Milland (2010 ), the new replacing strategy cities victims in an explicit situation from social review, which makes them trait viewpoints, viewpoint, viewpoints, and perceptions to another with regards to a social target. Types of this case have Camino, Silva, Machado and you will Pereira (2001 ) and you will Batista, Leite, Torres and you will Camino (2014 ), as well as others.

The latest forms was in fact replied privately during the collective app on classroom

Statistical actions was in fact placed on textual investigation (Reinert Method), that’s a process according to Descending Hierarchical Classification (DHC). Therefore, brand new lexical investigation measures have been arranged with the help of Iramuteq -Software de- Roentgen put les Analyses Multidimensionnelles de- Textes mais aussi de Surveys app ( California ). DHC try characterized due to the fact a group studies where the text message places, after consecutive departments, is categorized to your homogeneous kinds.

You will need to describe that Reinert strategy, otherwise DHC, was a process considering automated investigation operating statistical procedures that brings results for further logical processing and therefore will not depict the analysis by itself. This procedure facilitates the fresh new topical team of your own commentary found from the the analysis object about research-set, in accordance with the construction various lexical classes, but simply courtesy stuff study that will offer meaning to help you its providers (pick for example: Camino mais aussi al., 2013 ; Camino ainsi que al., 2014 ; Ferreira, et al., 2017 ). Inside experience, it may be said that lexical data combines benefits associated with decimal and qualitative tips, but differs from Bardin’s (1977 ) classical stuff investigation. For this reason, we think that the research investigation strategy included in the first data was similar to the objective i intended to target and you may is pertinent for the sorts of investigation gathered towards the analysis.