Some examples was indeed recognized as self-confident, although some was in fact considered bad and you can guaranteeing teenage sexual risk decisions

Some examples was indeed recognized as self-confident, although some was in fact considered bad and you can guaranteeing teenage sexual risk decisions

The quintessential high types of bad maternal intimate character modeling you to definitely was offered with it “certain moms and dads” encouraging girl to own transactional intimate matchmaking which have men. Typical rates integrated the following: “In lieu of speaking of tips manage on your own of sex, mothers illustrate their girl what things to look for in males and you may tips key boys”; and you will “Both the mother will inform the fresh new child to visit pick a person, one that have currency.” These relationship may have benefited the kid and/or entire members of the family. Overall fellow member explained, “Certain [mothers] prompt girl to possess intercourse to have such things as dining, courses, dresses, dinner currency; possibly he protects mommy and you may daughter or even the whole family.”

Daughters’ views

Much like the mature players, teenage females revealed “how moms and dads operate” to be extremely influential. Most of the girls offered types of one thing moms and dads would (her parents or other girls’ parents). Once again, the notion of hypocrisy took place often: “Would the things i state but not the thing i perform.”

Females recognized crucial affects with regards to mothers’ private appearance and perform. All of the private looks statements concerned about self-confident advice: “Mom dressed in more compact dresses”; “Just how she present by herself”; and you can “The sort of audio she hear–she must listen to soul and gospels and several reggae, also dancehall not all.” Conversely, bad examples had been offered whenever teenage female talked about just how exposure to mothers’ intimate perform swayed girl. Normal statements incorporated: “Sometimes [mothers was] enjoying porn and never mask it”; “Particular mothers do [sexual] one thing they cannot before children”; and “Moms and dads chat toward cellular telephone and you can give people they know about what these people were starting yesterday, and you will did it a great, and on as well as on.” Likewise, mothers who failed to give daughters having any framework for their behavior was basically named compounding the difficulty. Occasionally, the new mom’s sexual choices would-be more appropriate for a grownup than just an adolescent; other times, transactional gender ily. Overall participant informed me:

Certain moms and dads who happen to be prostitutes they don’t give kids exactly what to do they simply take action allow them to see as well as dont inform them how-to protect on their own therefore the students state myself a spin perform like weh [our] mother create. Mom a do it and you can mother a great she a giant lady therefore mom need to find out what is actually from incorrect.

Just as the mature participants, kids stated that some moms and dads advised its daughters to take part in transactional matchmaking having richer older males. Typical prices incorporated: “Certain parents will tell the child should you want to has a sweetheart, bring someone who has money and you can vehicle”; “Particular parents tell infants to find boys with money”; “Certain put the lady out over score getting herself”; “Specific moms and dads render their girl to help you males with currency”; and you will “Some parents sell their daughters for cash at nightclubs.” When people produced this type of comments, other-group members expressed contract. Nearly all of brand new adolescent professionals indicated awareness of the latest event, in the event not one of professionals claimed it relating to their unique lives otherwise their loved ones.


The information produced five big themes: mother-daughter relationship top quality, intimate interaction, monitoring, and intimate part modeling. Interplay among the templates was also detailed. Confident mom-child relationship quality are considered to be associated with or providing almost every other maternal affects. However, maternal hypocrisy is named diminishing the worth of other maternal tries to influence daughters.


The outcome on the study offered the brand new PETPB (Hutchinson & Wood, 2007). The study abilities connected with mommy-girl dating high quality, intimate communications, and you may monitoring have been similar to the comes from before education in the the united states and you can someplace else (DiClemente mais aussi al., 2001; Dilorio et al., 2007; Eisenberg mais aussi al., 2006; Guilamo-Ramos ainsi que al., 2008; Hutchinson ainsi que al., 2003; Li mais aussi al., 2002). But not, in lieu of the results out of before decimal knowledge, people in the modern analysis known both possibly positive and negative issues inside all these dictate domains. Particularly, ladies reported that bad adult responses and actual “abuse” could happen when they tried to talk about intimate information using their parents. This type of results highlighted the fresh new bidirectional characteristics out of mom-child connections and also the potential need for consequences expectancies.